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1st Fruit Delivery; week of June 17, 2013

Summer is here.  Once again it is great to be delivering delicious organic summer fruit to our friends at Angelic Organics Farm.  We hope you enjoy the sweet treats in this weeks box.  I wish a Happy Summer to all the kids out there and Happy Father’s Day to all the awesome dad’s.

Kindest Regards,

Everett Myers, Founder of FruitShare™

In Your Box:

Flame Grapes

David Sun yellow peach

Arctic Sweet white nectarine

White Peach

Yellow nectarines

Hass Avocados

Flavor Supreme pluots

Yummy Beaut plums

Black Splendor plums

Storage and Ripening

This week we are officially into summer fruit in season! We have white and yellow peaches, white and yellow nectarines, grapes, pluots, plums and avocados. Keep all of the fruit except the grapes on the counter at room temperature. They’ll be ready to eat when the flesh gives to gentle thumb pressure.  Some people like pluots, plums and nectarines more firm.  In this case place them in the refrigerator and enjoy them firmer. Keep the grapes in the coldest part of the refrigerator. Only wash your grapes just before eating them, as moisture can lead to mold due to the high sugar content in these grapes. Please note white peaches and white nectarines have higher sugar content and can develop soft brown spots.  If you notice these spots forming or evening mold developing cut these spots out and enjoy right away.  They are great sliced up on anything for breakfast or you can slice them and place in a freezer bag to freeze.  You can also slice and freeze pluots, plums or whole grapes. After they are frozen we like to use them in smoothies, no sugar necessary because they are so sweet on their own.  Remember to check your fruit bowl every day and enjoy what is ready.  Placing any of the fruit in the refrigerator will give you more days to enjoy it, but don’t forget about your fruit.  You want to enjoy each piece at it’s prime.

What It Takes

Mike Naylor has provided the gorgeous peaches and nectarines. There are two varieties of peaches: yellow flesh and white flesh. You can tell the difference between the peaches because the yellow peaches will have a more golden tone under the blush, while white peaches have a cream-colored skin along with the blush pink. Inside, the white peaches have a lower acid content and so have a sweeter and more delicate flavor. The yellow peaches have the classic sweet-tangy peach flavor that is so popular in the summer months. You’ll also love the white nectarines. Similar to the white peaches, they have low acid content and creamy, sweet flavor. Mike has been farming organically since 1990. He converted the farm to organic practices after inheriting the orchard from his father, because he was concerned about the negative effects of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers on workers and in the water. Mike now allows visitors to come to his orchard and rent a house there! His fruit is so special because he picks and packs it directly in the field, so it is riper and sweeter than many other orchards. You’ll taste the difference in this week’s peaches and nectarines!

The pluots and plums are from Ignacio “Nacho” Sanchez and his wife, Casamira. Farming started as a hobby for Nacho and Casamira. They bought their first 6-acre orchard in Cutler, California, in 1989, which they farmed in their spare time. But over the next four years, Nacho’s orchard expanded rapidly, and he made his passion for farming into his full-time job. When their twin girls were born in 1991, Nacho and Casamira named their orchard Twin Girls Farms; and when their third daughter arrived, Nacho named some varieties of peaches after her. Having converted to organic farming practices in 1999, Nacho uses beneficial insects and cover crops in place of conventional chemicals. He gets great satisfaction from the knowledge that no harmful chemicals can affect his family, his workers, or his customers. A pluot is a cross between a plum and an apricot, taking all the best flavor qualities from each of the parent varieties. You’ll love the juiciness and the sweet flavor of this unique fruit!

The Flame grapes this week are from Roy Rucker. He has a long history of organic farming. He has been farming his land at Rucker Homestead in the Coachella Valley of California since 1955. Besides his incredible seedless Flame grapes, Roy grows grapefruit, tangerines, oranges, blood oranges, lemons and tangleos. So, what exactly is a Flame Grape, anyway? Roy says it is a blend of grape varieties, including Thompson, Cardinal and others. Round and deep red, the Flame Grape is sweetly tart and has a crisp pop when eaten. We think you’ll agree that these grapes are crisp and sweet!

The avocados are from Will and Billy at Las Palmalitas Ranch. Will has had over 20 years of experience growing organic avocados. Before that, he was a successful businessman in Silicon Valley. Will is a great guy who has raised two great kids that love growing avocados and citrus organically.

Health and Wellness

Take advantage of the early summer weather to get your whole family outside! Get active by playing a game of kickball with the neighbors, taking the dog for a walk, or even playing tag while grilling dinner! Exercise doesn’t have to feel like work – in fact, you’ll be more successful in staying active if you are having fun while exercising. Find an activity you enjoy doing with your family or friends and you’ll be more likely to continue being active and enjoying this lovely summer weather!

Grilled Peaches

4 peaches

2 tablespoons melted unsalted butter

Heat grill to medium-low. Halve and pit peaches. Brush both sides with butter. Place peaches on the grill and cover. Cook until charred and softened, about 4-5 minutes per side.

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