Extended Season Fruit Share – week of November 14, 2011

This week’s fruits are

Northern Greening Apples

Valencia Oranges


Haas Avocadoes

Cameo Apples


Jewel Coconut Dates

Valencia Oranges from Sespe Creek Organic, Fillmore, CA
Primarily grown for processing and orange juice production, Valencia oranges have seeds, varying in number from zero to seven per fruit. However, its excellent taste and internal color make it desirable for the fresh markets, too. Worldwide, Valencia oranges are prized as the only variety of orange in season during summer.

If you can use the oranges within a few days, store in a cool place outside the fridge. Otherwise, store in a plastic bag in the crisper drawer and enjoy as a snack, They can also be used as part of the juice in pancake or French toast batters. Use orange juice with soy sauce, sesame oil, salt and pepper for a quick salad vinaigrette.
Interesting History of Valencia Oranges from Wikipedia

Its name comes from the city of Valencia, Spain, known through history for its sweet orange trees, originally from India. The patented orange hybrid was later sold by William Wolfskill to the Irvine Ranch owners, who would plant nearly half of their lands to its cultivation. The success of this crop in Southern California led to the naming of Orange County, California. The Irvine Company’s Valencia operation later split from the company and became Sunkist. Cultivation of the Valencia in Orange County had all but ceased by the mid-1990s due to rising property costs from urban sprawl.

Greening Apples from Molter Family Orchards, Watervliet, MI
Northern Greening is a very old English apple, already widely-grown by the early 19th century. It was rated by the Victorian author Hogg as “an excellent culinary apple of first-rate quality” and it cooks to juicy puree.
Northern Greening is in some ways a more “primitive” apple than other culinary apples of the Victorian era. It has a rather un-prepossesing appearance, and is smaller than the norm for a cooking apple. However it has the key qualities necessary in a cooking apple: it stores very well (a crucial attribute before the advent of refrigeration), it has a good acidic flavour (the base of all English-style apple cooking), and the tree is very reliable, disease resistant, and productive. These qualities, along with better size and visual appearance, are to be found in many of its descendants.
It is excellent for pie!

The Cranberries are from Sandhill Cranberry, WI.
From the Sandhill Farmer about going organic:
Changes that happened after transitioning to organic
After we made the change to organic I realized so many different things. It was like we had created a mini ecosystem on the cranberry marsh. Now we can hear insects at night, and see frogs and other animals all day long.

Hass Avocado
Ripening at Home
If you receive hard, green, unripen avocados, place them in a fruit bowl and store them at room temperature until they soften. To speed up the ripening process, simply place the avocados in a brown paper bag with another fruit, such as an apple, bananas or citrus fruit, as they release a high level of ethylene. Once avocados are at a desired stage of ripeness, they may be refrigerated for up to 2 – 3 days.

Freezing Avocados

Fresh avocados do not freeze well. However, for best freezing results, mash, puree or make guacamole with your ripe fruits.
Select ripe, softened fruit, then peel and remove the seed.
Puree, mash or make guacamole.
Pack into freezer containers.
Squeeze enough lemon or lime juice to cover the top. This will prevent browning.
Use within a few months.

Cameo Apples from Gilbert Orchards, Yakima, WA
Gilbert Orchards, is a family owned enterprise, based in the fertile Yakima Valley of Washington, which grow and packs delicious, Apples, Pears, Cherries, Peaches, Nectarines, Apricots and Plums.
Because consumers value taste and crunch over anything else in an apple, the premium Cameo apple was grown specifically to satisfy that desire. How did they do it? By reducing the emphasis on the red color — which tends to produce a thick-skinned, mealy apple — they were able to keep the skin ultra thin, the flavor a perfect combination of sweet and tart, and the flesh extra-crunchy.

A perspective on flavor

To get an idea of where Cameo flavor fits in with other apples, on a sweetness scale of one to 10, with Red Delicious and Fuji the sweetest at 10, Granny Smith the most tart at one, and Cameo hitting the right balance in the middle with a five. Half sweet, half tart. Perfect for all uses!

Kiwis from Wild River Ranch, Marysville, CA
Kiwifruit is ready to eat when soft to the touch, such as an avocado. Kiwifruit will keep best if refrigerated after ripened. Ripen at room temperature. You can hasten ripening by enclosing an apple or banana in the bag during the ripening period (3-5 days).

End of Season Treat: Jewel Coconut Dates!

The Jewel Date Co offers these delicious organic dates minced and rolled in coconut. Ingredients: Dates and unsweetened coconut

Remember: Some growers pick their fruit at its prime. As you unpack your box and put your fruit away, take a moment to notice the fruit’s stage of ripeness


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